How to release Protected Funds

The Protect Funds function allows you to put a 'lock' on some or all of a matter's Client / Trust funds. The purpose of this is to ensure that the protected funds aren't applied to invoice or a payment that was not intended. For example, upon receiving a deposit from a client for a Visa Application Charge, you can Protect these funds so that they are used for payment of professional fees. Once funds are protected they can not be transferred or used for payments until such time as an authorised individual has released them.

This article covers how you release funds which have previously been protected. You can release part or all of the funds that have been protected. Note that you can only release funds if you have sufficient user privileges to do so.

Note that the ability to Protect Funds was released in version 8.7.7

1. Open the Client Funds tab and click More

First open the Client Funds tab and then click the More button followed by Protected Funds

The Protected Funds window will now appear

2. Click Release

Now click the Release button.

3. Record the details of the amount to be released

The Release Funds window will now appear. Insert the following details:

  1. Which Client/Trust Account you are releasing the funds from (if you have more than 1 account)
  2. Who has approved the release (for record keeping purposes)
  3. The reason for the release of the funds
  4. The amount being released

Note that you can list multiple items and amounts.


4. Click Save & Close

Once you have finished listing the amounts you want to protect, click Save & Close

5. Viewing the remaining Protected Funds

After you have released the protected  funds, you will see an updated Protected Funds window showing details of what has been released.