How to find Incomplete Time Billing Entries

Entries recorded on a Time Sheet can't be invoiced on a Matter until they are complete. A time entry is considered to be complete if it has a matter, a billing description, an elapsed time of more than 0 seconds and it's timer is not currently running.  It can be easy to forget to fill in all of the details for every time entry, so we've given you some easy ways to see which time billing entries haven't been completed.

1. Via the Time Sheet

To see your own incomplete time billing entries, open the Time Sheet and then click Incomplete. You will be shown a list of all of your incomplete time entries across all dates. You can complete the entries by typing directly in the grid.

2. Via Reports

If you want to find a list of all incomplete time billing entries for all users, you can run a Report.

2.1. Open the Reports window

To opne the Accounts Report window, click Accounts in the main toolbar and then select Reports.

2.2. Run the Incomplete Time Billing Entries Report

Once the Accounts Reports form is displayed, select Incomplete Time Billing Entries and click Build Report.

The Incomplete Time Billing Entries report will be displayed.