How to Adjust or Discount an Invoice

Once an invoice has been finalised, it is assumed that the invoice has been printed and sent to the client. As such, for audit purposes, the contents of the invoice can no longer be amended nor can the invoice be 'deleted'. The only options available to make changes to an invoice after it has been finalised (but prior to payment) are to:

  1. Adjust/Discount the Invoice - used if you want to apply a discount to the invoice after it has been finalised
  2. Write off part/all of the Invoice - used if you want to write off a bad debt
  3. Reverse the Invoice - used if you have made a mistake and you want to re-do the invoice

This article covers how to adjust or discount a finalised invoice..

1. Go to Accounts > Office Tab

First, open the Matter which contains the invoice you want to adjust or discount and then click on the Accounts tab and then the Office Account tab. This will show you a list of all of the invoices on the matter along with any payments/transfers which have been applied to the invoice.

2. Select and Right Click the Invoice

Next, select the invoice you want to adjust/discount and right click it. Then click Adjust Invoice.

3. Set the amount of the Adjustment or Discount

The Invoice Adjustment window will now appear. In the Amount field, set the amount you want to adjust or discount the invoice. Note that if you are discounting the invoice, make sure that you put a minus (-) at the front

4. Record the Reason

Next, in the Reason field, record details of why the adjustment or discount is being made.

5. Apply the Adjustment / Discount

Now you need to apply the discounted amount to a particular line item(s) in the invoice. To do this, record the amount of the adjustment in the Adjustment column. Again noting that if it is a discount to ensure that you place a minus (-) at the front of the value.

6. Click Print

To print a copy of the adjustment note, click the Print button.

Note that the system will advise you that the document will be printed after you click Save & Close. Click OK.

The Adjustment Note will now appear and a copy will be saved to the Documents tab.

7. Adjustment Recorded

A record of the Adjustment/Discount will also now appear in the Office Account tab.

In addition, if you open the adjusted invoice (by double clicking), a record of the adjustment will also appear there.