Export to Xero - Overview

The Migration Manager accounting module offers a range of matter based accounting functionality, including:

  • Matter based time recording
  • Matter based recording of disbursements and costs
  • Recording of all matter based office/operational account transactions, including invoices, receipts and credits
  • Client/Trust accounting

Migration Manager has been designed to run in parallel with another accounting system such as Xero, which should be used for all non matter based transactions, general ledger, BAS and payroll management.

Matter based transactions can be exported from Migration Manager to Xero, saving you from having to enter transactions in both systems.

The Benefits of Using Migration Manager Together with an Accounting System Such as Xero

There are a number of advantages to using Migration Manager's accounting module together with another accounting system such as Xero. The main advantage for smaller firms is that it allows you to keep matter based accounting functionality and non matter based accounting functionality completely separate.

RMAs and clerical staff work on matter based transactions in Migration Manager. They can be given full access to the information they need to perform their work (invoicing, receipting, matter balances, time billing, etc), with no possibility of accessing confidential information such as payroll information.

The bookkeeper and accountant work on the general ledger, BAS, payroll, etc in another system. Most bookkeepers and accountants are familiar with Xero but not familiar with specialist migration software, so using Xero for non matter based accounting functionality can reduce your accounting and bookkeeping costs.

How Does it Work?

Migration Manager sends information about office receipts, office payments and general journal entries to Xero. This information is then included in Xero's bank reconciliations, profit and loss statements, BAS statements and other financial reports. Migration Manager keeps a copy of the relevant account codes for Xero's chart of accounts and uses this information to determine which Xero accounts each transaction should be allocated to.

Migration Manager does not send information about client/trust account transactions to Xero as you are not required to report this information to the tax office and it isn't needed for any of Xero's financial reports.

The specific information exported depends on whether you use cash based accounting or accrual based accounting.

Cash Based Accounting

If you use cash based accounting, you report income to the tax office based on the money you have received, not the invoices you have raised. Migration Manager will send receipts and payments to Xero but will not send invoices.

Accrual Based Accounting

If you use accrual based accounting, you report income to the tax office based on the invoices you have raised, regardless of whether you've been paid for them or not. Migration Manager will send a journal entry to Xero for each finalised invoice, as well as sending information about receipts and payments.

Where to Find the Exported Information in Xero

The exported transactions can be viewed in Xero by logging in to Xero and running a Detailed Account Transaction Report

How to Setup Xero intergration

For full instructions on how to setup the Xero/Migration Manager intergration go to: Preparing to Export to Xero