Custom Merge Fields - How to Create & Edit

When using Letter Merge Functionality, you have the ability to create your own Custom Merge Fields.  These fields can be used to populate standard predefined text, or can be used to merge a particular dollar value from a Disbursement, Cost or Fee code.

1. Accessing Custom Merge Fields

From the Main Menu, select Schedules, then Custom Merge Fields.

Adding a new Custom Merge Field

1. Add a new Custom Merge Field

When the main Custom Merge Field screen appears, click the +Add button to add a new entry.

2. Enter the Field Name

Enter the name that you would like as the Merge Field in the Field Name.

3. Select what value you would like to populate for this Merge Field

3.1. Creating a predefined text merge Field.  

If you would like the Merge Field to simply populate a block of predefined Text, then:

  • Select Use the Following Text.
  • Enter the predefined text in the Text Window.

You can also add predefined Merge Fields to your text block.  To do so:

  1. Move your cursor to where you would like the Merge Field inserted in your text block.
  2. Select the drop-down arrow next to 'Add Merge Field'.
  3. Select the Merge field you would like.
  4. Click the + 'Add' button.

3.2. Linking the Merge Field to a Disbursement, Cost or Fee code

If you would like to link the Merge Field to a Disbursement, Cost or Fee, then:

  • Select if your charge is a Disbursement, Cost or Fee.
  • Select the required code from the dropdown.

If you need to create a new Disbursement, Cost or Fee code, you can click the Select button to create new codes.

For Full Details on how to create new Disbursement, Cost or Fee codes, see Accounts Setup.

4. Save & Close

  1. Once the merge Field Name and Field Value have been selected, click Save & Close (or Save & New to create another Custom Merge).

The Custom Merge Field will now display.

Editing or Deleting Custom Merge Fields

To Edit or Delete a Custom Merge Field, simply highlight the Field, then Right-Click to select either Edit or Delete.