Matter Statuses - How to Create & Edit

The File Status field in the top right hand corner of the Client Detail window is used to indicate what stage a file in Migration Manager is currently at.  You may wish to add or delete an option from the list of available Status items.

1. Log on as Administrator

Only the Administrator or a user with sufficient privileges can modify the list of Matter Status items.

2. Open Matter Statuses

From the Main Menu, select Schedules and then Statuses, then Matter Statuses.

3. Add a new Matter Status

To add a new Matter Status, click the +Add button.

Enter the name of the new Matter Status, then click OK.

The list of Status items will be updated

4. Reordering Matter Status Items

At this point you can move your new Item to the position where you would like it to appear in the list.

  1. Click on the item you wish to move
  2. Drag it to the new location on the list

The item is now moved.

Editing a Matter Status Item

To Edit an item, right-click on the item, then choose Edit Matter Status.

Make any adjustments, then click OK.

Delete an Entry

To delete an entry, highlight the Item you wish to delete then click Delete Matter Status.

Confirm Deletion by clicking OK.

5. Close

Once you have finished adding/editing/deleting items, click Close.