Transfer User Files

If a staff member's duties change, you have the option to transfer any Matters that they were associated with to another staff member.

1. Login as Administrator

Transfer User Files can only be accessed by the user Administrator or a user with sufficient privileges. If you do not have sufficient privileges, log into Migration Manager as the user Administrator.

2. Access Add/Edit Users

From the Main Menu, select Schedules, then Users, then Add/Edit Users.

3. Select Transfer User Files

From the Users window, select More, then Transfer User Files.

4. Search for Files to Transfer

  1. Select the user you would like to Transfer the matter association From.
  2. If you wish to search only for a particular Matter or Matters containing certain characters, complete the Client Name or ID Contains field.  Otherwise leave this field blank
  3. Click Search.

The search will return all Matters which this staff member has an association to (Responsible, Manager or Clerk).  It will group the results by Sponsor ID (It will either list the Sponsor ID or say ‘No Sponsor’ for all other Matters which are not sponsor related.  You can click the ‘+’ to the left of the Sponsor field to expand and see the list of Migrants attached to that Sponsor.

5. Assign the Staff Member to Transfer the association to

For each Sponsor (and the ‘No Sponsor’ group), select the Staff Member you would like to transfer the association to.

Note:  Leaving the option When a ‘Transfer To’ user is selected for a Sponsor, automatically select the same user for the migrants linked to that sponsor ticked means you don’t need to manually select each matter within each sponsor.

6. Select which options to Transfer

Select Yes or No for each option you would like to Transfer to the new Staff Member.

7. Process the Transfer

Once you are happy with your selections, click the Transfer button.

The Transfer is now complete.