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Matter Type Fees - How to Enter Fees against a Matter Type

The Account module and Letter Templates module provides the ability to set up standard descriptions and charges for your estimated professional fees and DIPB charges. Once you have set up these default estimates, these will be available as an option that you able to use whenever you create new Fees and Disbursements or print Letter Templates.

1. Open the Matter Type Estimates and Charges window

To set/edit a default matter fee, you can either use the Accounts Setup Tool or launch from the main menu.

1.1. From the Accounts Setup Tool

If you haven't yet completed the Accounts Setup tool, you can create your default Matter fees from the Accounts Setup tool. To access this click the Accounts button in the main toolbar and then select 'Accounts Setup'. For instructions on how to use the Accounts Setup tool please see: How to use the Accounts Setup Guide.

When the Accounts Setup tool opens, click 'Set Matter Type Fees'.

1.2. From the Main Menu

To edit a default matter fee at any time, click the Schedules button in the main toolbar and then click Accounts, then Matter Type Fees.

2. Set the Default Tax Code and viewing Filters

  1. Category.  Select the Fee Category you would like to edit.  This screen defaults to Visa Applications, but you can also select:
    Compliance Skill Assessment
    Sponsorships & Nominations
  2. Select the Default Tax Code to be applied for Agent Fees.
  3. Select if you would like to show ‘Retired’ Matter Types (Redundant Matter Types).

3. Enter Default Fees

For each matter type that is relevant to your practice, record your default time and fees by clicking on the grid and typing.

4. Close

Once you have finished entering all the values you want to set up, click Save then Close.

If you have made a mistake and wish to revert to the last time this screen was saved, you can click Restore (This will un-do ALL changes since the last time Save was clicked).


You have the ability to export the contents of your Matter Type Fees and Charges so Excel.  This allows you to then manipulate the figures before importing back into Migration Manager.

1. Run the Export

Click the Export button.  You then have 3 options to export:

  • All Columns.  This will export all columns (Professional Fees and Department Fees) from your Matter Type Fees and Charges into Excel.
  • Professional Fees Only.
  • Department Fees Only.

The Exported details will appear in Excel


Once you have amended the Spreadsheet and wish to import it back into Migration Manager, follow these steps:

1. Save the Excel Spreadsheet into a known location

2. Click the Import button

3. Browse to the location where you saved the Spreadsheet

Browse to where the Excel file is located, then select the file and click Open.

A message will appear stating the number of changes that have been found. Migration Manager also makes a backup of the Matter Type Fees schedules prior to the import.

4. Check the changes

The Imported changes will appear in Red.  These can be checked before they are committed to the updated schedule.

5. Save and Close

Once you are happy with the changes, click Save then Close.

It is important to note that for these fees to appear in Accounts and on Templates, you must complete the fees per the instructions above plus, you must set the appropriate Matter Type on the Cover Page of a Matter (So the Matter knows which fees to pull).