Referral Sources - How to Create & Edit

Migration Manager enables you to list on the Coverpage of each Matter the referral source for that client. The list of available referral sources can be edited by following the below instructions.

1. Access Referral Sources

From the Main Menu, select Schedules, then Referral Sources.

2. Add a new Referral Source

To add a new entry, click the +Add button.

Enter the name of the new Referral Source, then click OK.

The new Referral Source will appear.

3. Repositioning an item

You can reposition your Referral Source items into an order that suits you.  To reorder an item, simply click and drag the item to its new position.

Editing or Deleting a Referral Source

To Edit or Delete a Referral Source,  right-click on the item and select Delete Referral Source or Edit Referral Source.

4. Close

When you have finished modifying Referral Sources, click Close.