Visa Types – How to Create and Edit

Within the Visas tab of a Matter, you can create a Visa record and select what type of Visa it is (example 186 ENS Visa).

Migration Manager does have an extensive list of Australian Visa Types already available, however you may can add visas for different countries into your database if required.

1. Acess Visa Types

From the Main Menu, select Schedules, then Visa Types.

The Add Visa Type window consists of 2 panes:

  • The Left pane is a list of Countries.
  • The Right pane is a list of the Visa Types created for that Country.

2. Adding a new Country

To add a new Country, click the +Add button in the Left pane.

Select a Country from the Country dropdown.

Then click Save and Close.

The Country will now be added to the list.

3. Adding a new Visa Type

To add a new Visa Type, first select the Country that this Visa relates to, then click the +Add button in the Right pane.

Enter the Visa Type and confirm the Visa Country, then click Save and Close.

This Visa Type is now created.

Editing a Visa Type

A Visa Type can be edited by right-clicking on the item and selecting Edit Visa Type.

Deleting an Item

Both panes have the same right-click options for Deleting items. To Delete an item, simply right-click and select Delete.