Quickparts – How to Create & Edit

Quickparts allow you to create templates with predefined text which can then be used in Messages, Filenotes, and Progress Items.  These templates can also be used to add links within the text or to set up signatures etc.

1. Access Quickparts

From the Main Menu, select Schedules, then Quickparts.

The Quickpart Window is made up of two panes:

The left pane is the Category.  This way you can group your Quickparts into Categories for ease of use.

The right pane is the Quickpart.  Select a Category in the left pane to see which Quickparts exist, or select ‘SHOW ALL’ to view all Quickparts.

2. Creating a new Category

To create a new Category, click the +Add button on the left Pane.

Enter the Name of the Category, then click Save and Close.

The Category is created

3. Creating a new Quickpart

3.1. Add the Quickpart

To Create a new Quickpart, select the Category on the left pane where you would like the Quickpart to reside, then click the +Add button on the right pane.

3.2. Complete the description and text

  1. Enter the Description of the Quickpart.
  2. Confirm the Category you have chosen.
  3. Enter the Text which will populate when the Quickpart is selected.

3.3. Formatting the Text

Highlight the Text you wish to format, then either click the ‘Format Text’ button or right-click.  You have the options to:

  • Change the text colour.
  • Make the text bold, underlined or italic.
  • Highlight the text.
  • Add bullets.
  • Add a link to a web address.
  • You can also copy and paste from this menu as well as selecting all text.

3.4. Save

Once you have completed entry of your new Quickpart, click Save & Close.

The Quickpart is now created and ready for use.


You can preview your Quickparts without needing to go into each one individually.  Simply select the Quickpart you wish to view, then click the Preview button.

Editing or Deleting

Both the Category and Quickpart pane have the option to Edit or Delete.  To Edit or Delete, simply click on the item, then select the More dropdown.

4. Close

When you have finished modifying Quickparts, click Close.