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Progress Items - How to Create/Edit a Progress List template

The Progress List allow users to create document and task checklist on a matter and set up 'progress worklfows'. There are a number of inbuilt checklist templates in Migration Manager but users can also create their own checklist templates.

This article covers how to create a Progress List template.

1. Open the Progress List schedule

All of the Progress List templates are contained with the Schedules. To access these, in the top menu,  go to Schedules > Progress Lists > Configure Progress Lists

The Configure Progress Lists window will now appear

The Configure Progress Lists Window consists of three panes:

  • The left pane is the Progress Category.  This is so you can group Progress Lists into particular Categories for ease of use.
  • The middle pane is the Progress List.  If you click a particular Category in the left Pane, you will see which Progress Lists exist for that Category.
  • The right pane are the Progress Items. By selecting a Progress List in the middle pane, you can see what Progress Items are available for that list.

In the below example, we are looking at the Visa Application Category and by selecting the '010- Bridging (Class A)' Progress List we can see the Progress Items for that list.

2. Select a relevant Category

To create a Progress List you must first select a relevant Category from the first column

If there isn't a category relevant to the list you want to create, click the Add button to create a new Category.

3. Add a Progress List

In the Progress List column (the second column), click the Add button on the bottom of the screen (or use the right click options) to start creating a new list.

The Add Progress List window will appear. Enter the name of the new Progress List and then click OK

The new Progress List will appear and is now ready for you to add Progress Items.

4. Add Progress Items

To add Progress items to the list, you have two options.

  1. Manually add new items using the Add button; or
  2. Import items from another list using the Import button under the More button

4.1. Using the Add button

To add a new Progress Item click the Add button in the Progress List column (the third column)

The Add Progress Item window will now appear. You should insert details in to some or all of the following fields:

  1. Progress Item/Task (required) - this is the name of the task or document
  2. Type (required) - select whether the item is a Document or an Activity
  3. Group (optional) - setting the Groups has an affect when importing a checklist in to a matter as it can automate the setting of the Required From information as well as whether the visibility filter will control the availability of the item on the import view. For full details on how Groups work, see: Progress Item Groups - How do Progress Item Groups work
  4. Default Comment (optional) - The information inserted in to this field will automatically appear as a comment on the Progress Item when it is added to a matter
  5. Default Portal Instructions (optional) - If the item is a document, you can set the default instructions which will appear on the Portal if this item is uploaded to the portal
  6. Add to all lists in this category (optional) - If this new item is one that you want to have appear on all of the Progress List templates in this Category, slide this to Yes. Note that the item will appear on the bottom of all of the lists.

When you have finished inserting the relevant information, click Save and Close (or 'Save and New' to add another)

The created item will now appear in your template Progress List

Repeat this process to add as many items as needed.

4.2. Using the Import option

If there is already a Progress Item (or a number of Progress Items) on another Progress List template that you would like to add to your new list, you can import these items by going to the More button in the Progress List column and clicking Import

Select the Progress List you wish to add the new items to.

In the Progress Item Pane, click More, then Import.

The Import Progress Item window will now appear. Using the Select Category and Select List dropdown, you can search for the existing template list that you want to import items from.

Next, select the items that you want to import by ticking each applicable item using the tickboxes on the left.

Tip: If you want to select everything in the list, click on the Selection button and choose Tick All

When you have finished selecting the items you want to import, click Insert.

The items will now be imported in to your new list.

Note: You can import items from different lists to build your new list.

5. Editing Items

To Edit a Category, Progress List or Progress Item, simply right-click on the item you wish to edit and select the Edit option.

6. Close

When you have finished building your new list, click the Close button in the right hand corner of the window.