Progress Lists Groups – How to Create & Edit

Progress List Groups are used for controlling the Required From field when you import a Progress Item from a template as well as controlling which Progress Items are displayed as suggestions in the import window based on the import window filter.

For a full explanation on how they work, see Progress Item Groups - How do Progress Item Groups work.

1. Access Progress Item Groups

From the Main Menu, select Schedules, then Progress Lists, then Progress List Groups.

2. Adding a new Group

To add a new group, click the +Add button.

3. Name the Group

Enter the name of the new Progress Item Group, then click Save.

The Group is now created.

Editing or Deleting a Progress Item Group

To Edit or Delete a Progress Item Group, simply right-click on the item and select Delete Group or Edit Group.


When you have finished editing Progress Item Groups, click Save & Close.