Auto Email Matches - How to Create & Edit

When Email Capture is run, matching to a Matter is based on a hierarchy of Matching Rules (such a Matter ID, Department File Number, Primary Applicant Email Address etc. (for full details on matching hierarchy, see Program Preferences for Email Capture).

However, there may be times when you will always want to match an email based on a specific email address which is not the Primary Applicant’s email.  This may be a contact’s email address for a Matter or perhaps an email address you would like to match to a particular Sponsor file.  You can do this using the Auto Email Matches function.

1. Open Auto Email Matches

From the Main Menu, select Schedules, then Auto Email Matches.

2. Add a new Rule

To add a new Match Rule, click the + Add button.

3. Complete Matching details

Complete the Match Rule window by entering the email address, then selecting the Matter ID you would like this email address to always be matched to.

4. Save

Click Save & Close.

The Matching Rule will now appear.  Click Close to close the window.

Editing or Deleting a Matching Rule

You can Edit or Delete a Matching Rule either by:

  • Right clicking on a Rule.
  • Or by highlighting the Rule, then clicking the More button.

Editing a Rule

Right-click on rule you would like to Edit, then select Edit Selected Match Rule.

Adjust the rule accordingly, then click Save & Close.

Deleting a Rule

Right-click on the rule you would like to Delete, then select Delete Selected Match Rule.

Click Yes to confirm deletion.