Standard Directories - How to Create & Edit

When you create a new Matter in Migration Manager, it will automatically create a number of sub folders within the file. Migration Manager relies on the existence of these folders to do certain procedures and if the folders are removed by a user this can create a problem for the program. These are the default folders and what they are used for:

  • Accounts = merged accounts items
  • Attachments = attachments received via email
  • Documents = not used by the program but it’s a popular folder for people to have the letter merge save to by default (if they override the default letter merge save location)
  • Documents Received = documents received via the Portal
  • Forms = merged Department pdf forms
  • Letters in = emails received
  • Letters out = emails sent and merged template letters
  • Misc = the default folder where items are saved if you drag and drop them on to the Documents tab
  • Photographs = where you can save a passport photo if you want it to appear in the right hand active client panel
  • Scanned Documents = items which have been scanned to MM via the scan function

As well as the standard set of folders, you can also add your own custom folders and these will also be created by default as new Matters are made.

1. Log in As Administrator

Only the Administrator can add new default folders.

2. Access Standard Directories

From the Main Menu,  click on Schedules and then select Standard Directories.

3. Adding a new Standard Directory

To add a new Standard Directory, click the +Add button.

Enter the name of the new Standard Directory, then click OK.

The list of directories will now be updated.

Editing or Deleting a Standard Directory

To Edit or Delete a Standard Directory,  right-click on the item and select Delete Directory or Edit Directory.

Note: Migration Manager default directory items are greyed out and cannot be edited or deleted.  Only your own custom directories will appear in back and can be edited or deleted.

Detect/Fix Missing Directories

This function will search through all your Matter folders and compare the folders there to the list of folders in your Standard Directories list.  If the function finds a folder is missing from a Matter, it will automatically create it for you.

This function is useful if you create a new Standard Directory and wish to add this new folder across all existing Matters.

1.  To run Detect/Fix Missing Directories, you can either right-click and select Detect/Fix Missing Directories or click the More dropdown, then select Detect/Fix Missing Directories.

Click Yes to Proceed.

The confirmation will appear when complete.

4. Close

When you have finished editing Standard Directories, click Close.