Adding a Relation to a Matter

After you have created a Matter, you may wish to manually add additional relations to the Matter. These people may be family included in the Application, or non-migrating relatives, acquaintances etc.

Note: If you import a questionnaire completed by the client, then all relations in the Questionnaire will automatically import into Migration Manager.  The below procedure is how to manually create additional relative records.

There are 2 methods of creating Relations on a Matter:

1. Creating an ‘Included in Application’ Relation from the Cover Page

These Relations will automatically be included in the Application

1.1. Open the Matter.

  • Click the Open button on the Main Toolbar and select the Matter.

1.2. Click the Add button.

  • On the Cover Page, click the Add button in the lower right corner.

1.3. Complete the new Applicants section.

When the Add Applicant window appears, complete the required fields, then click Save & Close (or Save & New if you wish to add more relatives).

Note: Using this method will automatically include these new people as included applicants.  If you wish to add non-included applicants, use the method below.

2. Create a Relation from the Relations tab

2.1. Open the Matter.

  • Click the Open button on the Main Toolbar and select the Matter.

2.2. Go to the Relations tab.

Select the Applicants tab, then the Relations sub-tab

2.3. Click Add

At the bottom right of the Relations Grid, click the Add button

2.3.1. Adding a Previously Recorded Person.

If the person has already been recorded in the Matter (as a Relation of another applicant), they will automatically appear in the list of previously recorded people.   You can add them as a relation to this person.

  1. Click the Add box.
  2. Select how this person is related to your applicant.
  3. You can also choose if the person is Included in the Application and if they are Dependent on the Primary Applicant.
  4. Then click Apply.
2.3.2. Adding a new person to the Matter.
  1. Click the Other Non-Migrating Person box.
  2. Enter the Person’s details.
  3. Then click Apply.

2.4. Select any Attributes for this person

Once the person has been added, you can select their row, then choose certain attributes for that person.