Changing Primary Applicant

After creating a Matter, you may wish to change the Primary Applicant to one of the other applicants on that Matter. To change the Primary Applicant, please follow these steps:

1. Login as Administrator

The Primary Applicant can only be changed by the Administrator. The Administrator must first login to Migration Manager.

Login as Administrator

2. Open the Matter

Using the Open button, find and open the matter in question.

3. Select the new Primary Applicant

On the Matter Cover Page, highlight the Applicant in the bottom right that you would like to be the new Primary Applicant.

4. Select Change Primary Applicant

On the Matter Cover Page, click the Change Primary Applicant button.


5. Accept the Notification Message

Click Yes to the message to create a new Matter with the new Primary Applicant.

The Process will NOT modify the existing Matter.  Instead it will create a new Duplicate Matter with the selected Applicant as the new Primary Applicant.  The process will not:

  • Copy Documents from the Documents tab of the original Matter
  • Copy Filenotes of the original Matter.
  • Retain any links to previous Sponsors/Nominations

6. Choose the new Matter ID

Type the Matter ID you would like the new Matter to have.

The new Matter is created with the new Primary Applicant.  An information message is also displayed explaining what has happened during the process and suggests the user re-populates a new Questionnaire based on the New Primary Applicant and sends that to the new Primary Applicant for checking and updating.