User Permissions - Matter Deletion

By default, a user does not have permission to delete a matter within Migration Manager. This article covers how to enable a user permission for a user to have the ability to delete matters without having to log in as the Administrator.

1. Log in as Administrator

In order to change a User Permission, you must first log in as the Administrator

2. Go to Tools > Administrative Preferences

In the top toolbar click Tools and then from the menu select Administrative and then Preferences.

3. Go to the User Permissions tab

Once the Preferences window opens, click on the User Permissions tab.

4. Find Permission

Now scroll across until you find the column titled "Allow User to Delete Matters".

5. Tick Permission

Tick the box for the user that you want to enable the permission for.

6. Click Save & Exit

To finish, click Save & Exit. The user will now have the ability to delete Matters.