Duplicating a Matter

You may wish to duplicate an existing Matter to a new Matter.  This is often a case if the client has previously used your firm to process an Application, now they are applying for the next stage visa. Creating a new Matter allows you to keep each case as a separate entity.

Duplicating a Matter will not copy the following case specific details into the new matter:

  • Documents from the Documents tab.
  • Filenotes.
  • Progress Items.
  • Details from the Dept tab.
  • The previously linked Sponsor (Family or Business).

1. Select the New button on the Main Toolbar.

2. Select 'Duplicate Selected Matter'.

3. Click the Filter box and type the name of the Matter you would like to Duplicate.

4. Select the Matter you would like to duplicate.

5. Confirm the Client’s name and Proposed Matter ID details.

6. Select the RMA (and Manager and Clerk if required), then click Create.

The Duplicate Matter is now created.