Unlinking a Business Sponsor from a Migrant

If a Migrant has been linked to a Business Sponsor Incorrectly, you must first un-link the Migrant from that Sponsor Matter before you can link it to the correct Sponsor.

A Nomination can only be un-linked by a user with permission 'Able to Delete/Modify Nomination Links'.  If your user does not have this permission, log in with a user that does, or increase your permissions.  For details on adjusting your permissions, see 'Updating User Permissions and Preferences'.

Note. You must be logged in as an actual user, not the 'Administrator' user profile to unlink a Business Sponsor from a Migrant.

2. Open the Sponsor Matter

3. Go to the Nominations Tab

From the Sponsor Matter, select the Nominations tab.

4. Delete the Nomination

Right Click on the Nomination line and select Delete Current Entry.

5. Select Yes to Delete the entry

Note:  This function does not delete the Migrant or the Sponsor, only the Nomination.

Any Nomination Information will be lost. These details would need to be re-entered/imported into the correct Sponsor.