Changing the Matter linked to a Business Sponsor

If the wrong Migrant has been incorrectly linked to a Business Sponsor, you can change the linked Migrant without deleting the Nomination.

1. Open the Business Sponsor Matter

Click the Open button on the main toolbar and select your Sponsor Matter.

2. Go to the Nominations Tab

From the Sponsor Matter, select the Nominations tab.

3. Select the Nomination

4. Go to the Nominee sub-tab

5. Select the Browse button

6. Click Yes on the Warning message

7. Choose the correct Nominee and click Select

8. Confirm the warning, then click Proceed.

Note:  If you do not have permissions to change this link, see your Migration Manager Administrator, or if you control Migration Manager security yourself, see the help document on Add/Edit Users and allow the permissions 'Able to Delete/Modify Sponsorship links' and 'Able to Delete/Modify Nomination links'.

The new Migrant is now linked to the Sponsor.

9. Click Refresh to see the updated details