Create a New Business Sponsor Matter

For each new matter you should create a Matter within Migration Manager so that you can record details about the potential/actual client. The Business Sponsor Matter type is used for preparing and having conduct of applications such as Subclass 482 Sponsorships. These instructions set out how to create a Business Sponsor.

1. Click the New button

With your mouse click on the ‘New’ button in the top left hand corner of the screen which will open the ‘New Matter’ window.

Click the New button

2. Select New Prospect

On the lower left hand side of the ‘New Matter’ window choose ‘New Prospect’.

Select New Prospect

3. Select Sponsor and Business

In the Matter Type section, first select Sponsor and then select Business.

4. Insert the Business name

Insert the Prospects basic details

5. Check the Matter ID

Depending on your preference settings, Migration Manager will propose a Matter ID for this matter. If you want to have a different Matter ID you can amend it at this stage.

Check the Matter ID

6. Assign the responsible Staff Members

Choose who will be the responsible staff for this matter. On the right hand side you can click the box which will bring up a window which will allow you to choose the RMA (Registered Migration Agent), Manager and Clerk for this matter.

Assign the responsible Staff Members

7. Assign an Office (if applicable)

If you have multiple Offices set up in the preferences, you can assign which Office will be responsible for this Matter.

Assign an Office (if applicable)

8. Click Create

To create the Prospect matter click the ‘Create’ button.

Click Create

9. New Matter will Open

The new Matter will now open. You should proceed to now enter the information you have available.