Entering Supporting Witness details again a Matter

If a client is applying for a Partner Visa, they will be required to supply Supporting Witnesses.  The online Partner Web Questionnaire does ask for Supporting Witness details, however the client may not have organised this at the time of completing the Questionnaire.  In this case you may wish to enter the Supporting Witness details against the Matter manually at a latter stage.  This document describes where to enter the Supporting Witness details against a Matter

1. Open the Matter

From the Main Menu, select Open, then choose your Migrant Matter.

Document1 - Word

2. Go to the Relations tab

Select the Applicants tab, then Relations sub-tab.

3. Add a new Relation

Click the Add + button.

4. Complete the details

Select ‘Other Non-Migrating Person’, then complete the person’s details.  Then click Apply.

Document1 - Word

5. Set the person as a Supporting Witness

Select the row for the person who is a Supporting Witness, then tick ‘This person is a Supporting Witness for the PA/Spouse Relationship’.

6. Enter the Supporting Witness details

Once the person has been made a Supporting Witness, additional tabs for Witness Details and Form 888 will appear for that person.  These details can now be entered.