Submitting Additional Information for Forms.

Migration Manager has the functionality to Merge data into Legendcom Forms.  Sometimes however these forms do not allow enough room to complete all the client’s details (for example, the Address History on Form 80 only allows room for 5 records).

Forms usually have a section on the last page for additional details, however due to the design of the Legendcom form, the Form Merge function cannot complete additional details in this section.

Because of this, what we recommend (and what is widely used) is to export these details to a spreadsheet and attach these spreadsheets when you submit the Form.

In the below example we will be using Form 80 and the Address Question (Question 17).  The client has 7 addresses. However, Form 80 only allows for 5.

1. Go to the Address Tab of the Migrant

Open the Migrant Matter, then go to the Applicants => Addresses tab.

2. Export this tab to Excel

  • Click the Excel button at the bottom right of the Address Grid.

The information will Process into Excel

3. Save the spreadsheet

  • Once the Spreadsheet opens, save the spreadsheet

4. Make notation in the Additional information section of the Form

In the Additional Information section of the form, state the Question number and description (example “See Attached Spreadsheet”)

5. When you submit the Form to the Department, send any relevant Spreadsheets at the same time