How to handle Multiple Citizenships for one family

Migration Manager can use eLodge to populate Citizenship applications for your clients.  If a family is applying for Citizenships, you would need to process separate applications for each family member.  This can cause an issue as eLodge can only process a Citizenship application for the Primary Applicant.

The below process describes how best to handle the creation of multiple Matters to allow processing in eLodge.

1. Create the first Matter

Create a Matter for the first person who would like Citizenship.

2. Send the Questionnaire

Once the Matter is created, send the client the Full Questionnaire to complete.

Full details on how to send a Questionnaire can be found at Send a Questionnaire.

3. Complete the Questionnaire

Ask the client to complete the Questionnaire with ALL family members who are applying for Citizenship.

4. Import the Questionnaire

When the Questionnaire is returned, import the Questionnaire.  Full details can be found at Importing PDF Questionnaires.  

This will import all the data for the first applicant requiring Citizenship, it will also contain much (but not all) of the information required by the other family members.

At this point we can create new Matters for the other Family members containing all the information we already have, meaning the client will not need to complete multiple full questionnaires from scratch.

5. Create Matters for the other family members

Use the Change Primary Applicant function to create matters for each of the other family members.  This function will leave the current matter as it is, but create new populated Matters with your choice of new Primary Applicant.

For full details on using Change Primary Applicant see Changing Primary Applicant.

6. Send out Merged Questionnaires to the other applicants

For each of the new Matters you have created, use the Merging Questionnaire from Data function to create a Merged Questionnaire for each family member.

Open each Matter, then from the Main Menu select CIQ, then Merged Questionnaire from Data.

For full details, see Merging a PDF Questionnaire from Data.

7. Complete the Questionnaire

Ask each family member to go through their questionnaire and just complete any incomplete information.  Because this is a merged questionnaire, it will already contain most of the information required by them and should not be a large task.

8. Import the Questionnaire

When the Questionnaires are returned, import each Questionnaire to the appropriate Matter.  Full details can be found at Importing PDF Questionnaires.  

All Matters now have a full set of information ready to process.  From here simply run eLodge for each Matter to complete their Citizenship applications.