How to Merge a Department PDF Form

Migration Manager allows users to merge data from a matter in to fillable PDF forms made available by Immi.

1. Open the relevant Matter

In order to be able to merge a Form, you must first open the relevant Matter.

To merge a form for an employer Sponsorship, the relevant Business Sponsor must be the active Matter. If you want to merge a Visa, Nomination or Family Sponsorship form you must have the relevant Migrant matter set as the Active Matter.

2. Click the Forms button

3. Select the Form to merge

When the Form Filler window has appeared, select the Form you want to merge from the Select Form dropdown.

4. Use the most up to date version of the Form

It is important to check when you last downloaded a version of this Form from Immi. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are using the most up to date version of the form. Migration Manager will not "automatically" download forms for you, but does provide you with details of when you used the program to download a form.

4.1. Check the date you last downloaded this Form

The date this selected form was last downloaded from Immi Account will be displayed.

4.2. Download the latest version

If the Form is old/out of date you can download an up to date version of this particular form from Immi by clicking the Download Latest button. This will download this one form as currently published by the Department of Immigration.

When the Form download has completed the Last Downloaded field will show an updated date and time.

5. Select the person to merge the Form for

Use the Select Person dropdown to choose the person you wish to merge the Form for.

6. Modify how the text appears or the filename used

By default the Form will be merged with text in the Case as it is recorded in Migration Manager. You can choose to have the Form fill out entirely in Uppercase by selecting the option UPPER. You can also change the file name that the Form will be saved as and whether the file name should include the Date/Time and the Users initials.

7. Click Merge Form

When you are ready to merge the Form, click Merge Form.

8. Read and Accept the notification

It is important that you remember that it is your responsibility to check a Form after merging.

9. Review the Merged Form

The merged Form will now appear. You should review the Form and make any amendments necessary.

10. Save and Close the Form

When you have finished reviewing/amending the Form, you must save it before you close it. If you do not save the form before closing, the Form may appear blank the next time you open it.

11. The merged Form is saved in the Documents tab

The merged Form is now saved as an entry in the Documents tab in the active Matter.

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