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How to download the most up to date Department form?

Migration Manager allows users to merge data from a matter into fillable PDF forms made available by Immi. When merging a Form it is important to ensure that you are using the latest form available. Migration Manager does not automatically download forms for you, but it does tell you the last time a Form was downloaded and gives you the ability to quickly download the latest form.

1. Open the relevant Matter

In order to be able to merge a Form, you must first open the relevant Matter.

To merge a form for an employer Sponsorship, the relevant Business Sponsor must be the active Matter. If you want to merge a Visa, Nomination or Family Sponsorship form you must have the relevant Migrant matter set as the Active Matter.

2. Click the Forms button

3. Select the Form to merge

When the Form Filler window has appeared, select the Form you want to merge from the 'Select Form' drop-down.

4. Check the Date the Form was last downloaded from Immi

The date this selected form was last downloaded from Immi will be displayed.

5. Download the latest version

If the Form is old/out of date you can download an up to date version of this particular form Immi by clicking the Download Latest button. This will download this one form as currently published by the Department of Immigration.

6. The Form is now current

When the Form download has completed the Last Downloaded field will show an updated date and time.

You can now proceed to merge this form.