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I receive an error when trying to update my Forms: Meta Refresh error

When you try and update a PDF form in Migration Manager and you receive an error that reads "Internet Setting [META REFRESH] is disabled preventing forms from downloading. Click Help for detaiils on how to enable this setting." it means that a setting in your Internet Explorer called Auto Refresh is disabled. Auto refresh is a useful feature of Internet Explorer as it allows websites to automatically reload with the latest content. It is especially useful for websites with quickly changing content. The refreshing makes it possible for content to appear consistently, without interruption and is intergral to Migration Manager's ability to download forms from Legendcom / ImmiAccount.

Please follow the steps given below on how to turn on Auto refresh in Internet Explorer.

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1. Find and open your computer's Internet Options

On your computer, click on Start and then type Internet Options in the search bar. When search has found Internet Options, click on it.

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2. Access your Internet Security Custom Level settings

Once the Internet Options dialog box appears, click on the Security tab and then select Internet Zone. Click on the button below labeled Custom Level.

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3. Enable Meta Refresh

In the Custom Level security menu, scroll down the list until you find the entry called 'Allow Meta Refresh'. Select Enable and then click OK.

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4. Click Apply and OK on the Internet Options dialog box.

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Migration Manager should now be able to download forms from Immiaccount/Legendcom.