How to perform a Batch VEVO Search

The Batch VEVO Search function enables you to perform a VEVO Visa Entitlements search for multiple individuals across multiple matters in the one process. The following article sets out how to perform a Batch VEVO Search

Important: Your ImmiAccount must have VEVO search enabled in order for this function to work. If you do not have VEVO search enabled you need to contact the Department of Immigration to have this feature made available on your ImmiAccount.

The Batch VEVO search function is operated via the Reports window. You use the reports function to generate a list of all of the people that you want to perform a Batch VEVO search on. For instructions on how to create a report, please see this article. Otherwise the following article shows an example of how to create a report  and perform a VEVO search for all of your migrants who are applying for a Subclass 457 Visa.

1. Click the Reports button

The Report creator window will now open.

2. Create the Report

Using the Report Creator window, set the paramaters on which you want to generate a report. As a minimum you should include fields for the migrant's Surname, Given Names, Date of Birth, Passport Number and Passport Country of Issue. In this example the report has been set to include the recommended information plus modified to filter the result to just show the firm's Subclass 820 matters along with details on who the RMA is each matter.

Tip - It is recommended that you save a copy your Report Creator for future repeated use. To do this, click the Save button and follow the prompt.

3. Click Process

When you are ready to generate your report, click 'Process'.

4. Review the Report Results

Once you have clicked 'Process', the Reports Results window will appear with a list of matters and/or applicants which meet the search criteria.

5. Enable the Batch VEVO mode

To activate Batch VEVO mode, drag the slider to the 'ON' position.

6. Take note of any issues

In order for the VEVO search to be able to be performed on a given person, they must have the requisite bio and passport data available and shown in the report. If the report does not show sufficient details, a pop up will appear notifying you of how many Matters do not have sufficient details.

At this point you can either carry forward with the search, which will exclude the individuals with insufficent information, or you select the deficient matter and edit the details the Matter details by clicking the 'View Client' button.

7. Click 'Perform VEVO Searches'

8. Login to your ImmiAccount

9. The Search Process

Migration Manager will now proceed to logon to your ImmiAccount and perform a VEVO search for each of the individuals in your report for whom their is sufficient details. You will see a progress bar across the bottom of the window indicating how the search is progressing.

Note - the speed of the search will be affected by the speed of your internet connection and how efficient the Department of Immigration's VEVO search system is operating at the time of the search.

10. The Search Results

When the search has completed, a window will appear with details of the search results and a summary of the results. The results grid also includes a colour coded response to show you what has happened:

  • Green - Successful. The search was successful and the results obtained from VEVO show that no information indicating that circumstances are different to what has previously been recorded in Migration Manager;
  • Yellow - Variation Detected. The search was able to find a match for the person in VEVO, but the results that were returned are different to the information either currently stored in the Visas table or that were captured during a previous VEVO Search;
  • Red - Unsuccessful. The search was unable to find this person in VEVO or there was an error with their results.
  • Blank - No search was performed for this person. Insufficient information to perform a search.