How to perform a VEVO search

Migration Manager has the ability to perform VEVO searches through the Department’s immiAccount system. Agents are able to perform VEVO searches for one or more persons on files that they have created.

1. To perform a VEVO search, you must first open the relevant Migrant Matter.

2. Click the eLodge button on the Main Toolbar.

3. The eLodge window will now appear. Select VEVO from the dropdown.

5. The Applicant Selection window will now appear. First, select which of the applicants from this matter you wish to conduct a search on, by ticking the left hand box next to the Applicants name.

6. Next, add any information which is missing from the different applicants. To add information click on the required cell and type in the relevant details.

Note: When you click Save & Search the information you have typed in will be updated to this client in Migration Manager’s database.

7. If there are any other individuals you wish to add to this file and include in this search, click the “+” button in the bottom right hand corner.

8. The ‘Add New Applicants’ window will appear. Insert the additional applicant’s details and then click ‘Add & Close’.

Important: This process will also add this person to this matter as an included applicant.

Note: The details you have added/changed about the applicants will be updated in Migration Manager.

10. The browser will now open and the ImmiAccount login panel will appear. Click Login.

If you have not previously entered your ImmiAccount login details, follow the procedure Updating your Immi Password for eLodge.

11. Migration Manager will now proceed to undertake a VEVO search for all of the selected individuals.

12. When the search has completed, all of the successful search results will be recorded in the Progress Tab in the matter. To open the results, double click the PDF icon in the far right column.

13. A copy of the successful search results will also appear as PDF, JPEG and CSV files in the Documents Tab. A preview of these items can be seen by clicking the item, then clicking the 'Preview' button.

Note: If a search is unsuccessful, Migration Manager will display an error results page. To repeat a search, you will need to start the above process again from step 1.