Manually Saving Forms for Form Filling

Migration Manager integrates with LEGENDcom to allow for the automatic downloading of Department forms which can then be merged using the Forms function.  However, if you don’t have a LEGENDcom subscription (you may have another subscription or download manually), then you can manually save these forms into Migration Manager’s Forms folder to allow Migration Manager to merge the form when required.

1. Download the Department Form

Download the form as you would normally.  For example, you may manually download a Form 80 from

2. Save it to Migration Manager’s Forms folder

In your Migration Manager folder structure, you will find the Forms folder.  It may go by a few different names:

  • MigrationManager\Forms
  • MigrationManager\DIACForms
  • LEAPMM\Forms

Save the Form into the folder that appears on your system

3. Merging the Form

At this point, the Form can be merged as normal. See How to Merge a Department Form for instructions.

If you do not have a LEGENDcom subscription, do not download forms from within Migration Manager.

Do not use the ‘Download Latest’ button in Form Filling.

When you run an update, make sure you tick ‘Skip/Abort’ for ‘Download Latest Dept PDF Forms’.

If you find all your forms are missing from the Forms folder, they have most likely been moved into an archived folder during an update.

Go to your Forms folder found in step 2 above.

You will need to open the ‘archived’ sub-folder (usually the most recent one) and copy all the form files that are in that archive folder and paste them back into the Forms folder.