Previewing a Document

Migration Manager has the ability to preview documents within Migration Manager (without opening the document in an external program). More so, this function allows you to edit the Document name, enter a ‘Tag’ to search on as well as setting reminders for the document or sending the Document to another user’s inbox for action.

1. Opening the Preview Window

From the Documents tab, select the Document you wish to preview, then either right click => Preview, or select the Preview button on the Document tab Toolbar.

The Document Preview will open.

2. Adjusting the Document Name or adding a Document Tag

2.1. Open the Preview in Show all Details mode

Click the Show all Details button.

The Show all Details section will now appear.

2.2. Edit the Document Details

  • Edit the Document Title.  This is the Title/Name of the document you see in the Documents tab.
  • Add or Edit a Tag.  This is a Tag which will appears in the ‘Contents’ column of the Document tab as well as being a Searchable field using the Search Documents Function.

2.3. Save

Once you have made changes, click Save & Close.

3. Setting a Reminder

You may wish to set a reminder for yourself or another user to action this document.

3.1. Set the Status

  1. In the Preview Window for the document, set the Status to a Status other than 'Complete'.

3.2. Go to Reminder Details

Click the Reminder button

3.3. Set Responsibilities and Date

Set the user you wish to be responsible, set the Review Date.  Then click Update.

3.4. Save & Close

Click the Save & Close button.

When the Reminder Date arrives, this item will now appear in the Documents Inbox for the user you have assigned the document to.

4. Sending the Document to a user’s Inbox

Unlike sending a Reminder above (which is based on a reminder date), you may wish to simply send the document now to another users Document Inbox.

4.1. Send to the user

In the Preview Window for the document, click the More button, then Send To, then select to user to send the document to.

4.2. Click Save & Close

This item will now appear in the Documents Inbox for the user you have sent the document to.

5. Viewing/Changing your Document Tab settings

5.1. Go to Settings

Open the Document Preview, then click the Settings button.

5.2. Change Settings

You can now change default settings such as

  • How your Document Tab is Viewed. Tree View or Flat View
  • How large the Preview View should be.
  • How large the Send Message View should be.
  • If the Message Reply window should close the original message window.
  • Which Default Signature to use.

5.3. Save & Close

Once complete, click Save and Close.