Adding a Logo to Templates

Templates (such as Invoices, Deposit Request etc) have a special Merge Field at the top of the document called <<LOGO>>.  This field allows you to set a Logo picture in Letter Settings which will then appear on any documents where the <<LOGO>> Merge Field is used.

1. Open any Matter File.

2. Click the Letters button on the Main Toolbar.

3. When the Letter Merge window appears, click the Settings button.

4. In the Word Template Configuration section, tick the 'Insert a logo in Logo field' option, then click the Browse button to browse to your Logo File.

Note:  Your Logo should be a small JPEG image no larger than 170 x 85 pixels.  You can re-seize your logo using Microsoft's 'Paint' program.

5. Select your File.

Browse to your File Location.  Select the File and click Open.

The Logo file must be available for all users using Migration Manager.  We normally suggest saving your Logo file to the Data\MiscFiles sub-folder of your Migration Manager (or LEAPMM) Folder (often located in your M:\ drive).

6. Once the Logo has been selected, click Save & Exit.

7. When Letters are now produced which use the LOGO Merge field, your logo will appear.

If you need to resize your Logo if it is too small or too large in the document, you can do this by opening the Logo file in Paint (comes as part of Windows), then use the Resize option