Downloading the Latest Templates

The Migration Manager Template module comes with pre-defined with a small set of Basic Sample Templates as a guide to building your own Templates.  As well as this, if you have purchased the MM Templates Package, then you will have many subclass specific Templates available.  You can ensure these are up-to-date using the following procedure.

1. Open any Matter.

2. Click the Letters button on the Main Toolbar.

3. When the Letter Merge window appears, click the Settings button.

4. Download the Latest Templates

  1. To download the sample Templates, click Download Basic Templates.
  2. To download the lastest Template Package (for Template Package subscribers), click Download Latested MM Templates.

5. Click Yes to download the Templates

If you wish to download the latest set of pre-defined Account Templates (Invoices, Deposit Requests etc), see: How to Customise Accounts Templates.