How to edit the Name of a Document

The menu controls in the Documents tab allow you to rename a file which has been saved to a matter. Changing the name of a document in Migration Manager will also result in the name on the document on your server/hard drive also being changed.

1. Open the Documents tab

First go to the Documents tab of the relevant matter.

2. Find and Select the relevant Document

Next navigate to the relevant document and then select it by clicking on it.

3. Click the Edit button

To rename the document, click the Edit button in the Document tab toolbar (or right click the document and select Edit from the context menu) .

The Document Preview window will now open in Edit mode.

4. Edit the Title

You can now change the name and keyword/tags of the document by typing in the relevant information in to either the Title or the Tag fields.

5. Click Save & Close

Once you have finished making the necessary changes, click Save & Close to finish

The document will now be renamed.