How to manually add a Document to the Documents Tab

The Documents tab contains all of the documents, forms, messages and correspondence that relate to a particular matter. Migration Manager will automatically add these items to the Documents tab if they have been received and captured via email capture, received as a portal message or have been scanned using the scan function. It is also possible to add documents and file to the Documents tab by just dragging and dropping the item from your computer on to tab itself.

1. Go to the Documents tab

To add a document to a particular Matter, first open that Matter and then go to the Documents tab.

2. Open the relevant folder

To save a document/file to particular folder, first make sure that your Document tab view is set to Tree View by clicking the Tree View / Flat View button.

Note: You don't need to set the view Tree View. If the view is set to Flat View and you drag and drop a file on to the documents tab, it will be saved in to the Misc folder.

Now select and double click the folder that you want to save in to.

3. Drag and Drop

You can now drag and drop the relevant file(s) or document(s) from any where on your computer on to the Documents tab in Migration Manager.


4. File Added

The file/document will now be added to the matter and will be saved on your computer/server in the relevant file.