Creating a Signature Block as a Letter Merge Field

When creating or editing Letters, you can use a single merge field populate a signature block on your document.  The following will show you how to configure the Signature Block and how to insert it into your Template.

Editing the ‘Signature Block’ Custom Merge Field

1. Open Custom Merge Fields

From the Main Menu, select Schedules => Custom Merge Fields.

2. Select Edit for the ‘SignatureBlock’ Merge Field

Highlight the ‘SignatureBlock’ row, then select More => Edit.

3. Edit the Signature Body

You can now edit the text and add additional merge fields to your Signature Block.

3.1. You can type text directly into the Text window

Add or edit the existing text

3.2. You can add additional Merge Fields

You can add additional merge fields into the text section.

Click on the ‘Add Merge Field’ drop-down and select a merge field.

Position the cursor where you would like the field to go, then click the + button to add.

4. Save the Signature Block.

Once you are happy with the Signature, click Save & Close.

Adding the Signature Block to your Template

Now that the Signature Block is the way you like it, it can be added to your Templates either by editing an Existing Template or adding it to a New Template.  Follow the below guides for detailed instructions on Creating or Editing Templates.

How to create a template

How to edit an existing Template

Once you are within the Template Editor, you can find the Signature Block Merge Field under Custom Merge Fields => SignatureBlock.

Q. What Font will my Signature Block appear as?

A.  When you edit your Letter Template and add the SignatureBlock merge field, you can then highlight that merge field in Word and set it to the desired Font and Size.    This will then be the font and size that appears when the letter is merged.