How to use eSign

The eSign function in Migration Manager allows a user to upload a Word or PDF document directly from the Documents tab to their Docusign account for sending for esignature. This function works via an integration between Migration Manager and Docusign.

Note: In order to use eSign, you must have a valid subscription with Docusign (which is a separate third party provider). You can find out more about Docusign by going to:

1. Open the Documents tab

Navigate to the Documents tab of the relevant matter and find the document you want to upload to Docusign for esigning.

2. Select the Document

Select the document you want to upload, then right click the document and choose the eSign menu option

The eSign window will now appear.

3. Add the signees

Next select the individual(s) that you want to have sign the document by clicking the Add button next to the person's name. Their details will be uploaded to Docusign along with the document.

4. Edit the Subject and Message

If you want to add a Subject and a Message to go along with the document being uploaded to Docusign, add this information in to the relevant fields. These fields will appear on the message/envelope sent out by Docusign.

5. Generate the Docusign Envelope

When ready, click the Create Envelope button.

6. Login to Docusign

You will now be asked to log in to Docusign. Enter your Docusign credentials and follow the logon steps that appear. If you don't have an account, you can click the link in the logon window to learn more.

The document will now be uploaded and your web browser will open and redirect to your Docusign account.

7. Docusign

Once your Docusign account webpage opens, you will be able to proceed to add signature fields etc to the document. For instructions on how to use Docusign's interface we recommend reading the Docusign User Guide.

Tip - if you want to edit the message or the recipients in Docusign, you can use the Actions button at the top of the Docusign page

Click the Send button when you are ready to send your document for signing.