How to Reconcile the Documents tab

The Reconcile button allows the user to update the information contained in the Documents tab to fully reflect the files stored on the hard drive / server. Note that in normal usuage, you will normally not need to use the Reconcile button. However, if a user alters/adds/deletes files directly through Windows Explorer, then a discrepency between what is recorded in the Documents tab and what is actually on the drive may occur. Documents which have been previously recorded in the Documents tab but which are now not found on the hard drive will be shown in light grey text, whereas those that have been added to the hard drive but not via Migration Manager, are shown in red.

If you perform all adding and deleting actions from within the Documents tab, then this will remove the need to reconcile in most cases.


If you wish to add a document for the Matter, simply drag and drop the file directly into the Documents tab of the Matter within Migration Manager (this way it adds the file to the Documents tab and the Matter’s File Folder at the same time).

If you wish to delete a document, delete it directly from the Documents tab in Migration Manager by right clicking on the document and Delete  (this way it deletes the file from the Documents tab and the Matter’s File Folder at the same time).

To reconcile the Documents tab with the contents of the hard drive, click the Reconcile button.

 The Reconcile window will now appear showing the discrepencies. To rectify the discrepencies, click the Clean Up button

The information shown in the Documents tab will now be up to date.