Restoring a Document Deleted from Migration Manager

As a safeguard, when you delete a Document from Migration Manager, the document is not permanently removed at this point.  Instead it is moved to a special folder where it can be recovered if necessary.  The below procedure explains how to recover a document that you have accidently deleted from the Documents tab of Migration Manager.

Warning:  If you delete a file from the back-end (ie. File Explorer), you are deleting the file outside of Migration Manager and there is no safeguard.  If you delete a file via this method, you will need to speak to your local IT to investigate what backup options you have in place.

We always recommend using the Documents tab in Migration Manager to delete any files as this way they are safeguarded against accidental deletion.

How is a Document deleted from Migration Manager?

A document can be deleted from Migration Manager by going to the Documents tab of a Matter, then highlighting the document followed by clicking the Delete button or by right-clicking and Delete.

Where does the deleted document go?

The document will go into a folder called Clients\ZZZZ Files Removed From MM\DocRegFileDeletions.

How do I get to this File?

1. Click Browse

From within Migration Manager, click the Browse Button:

Clicking Browse will take you to the Matter Folder that you are currently in.  Navigate back to the 'Clients' folder by click on Clients.

3. Find the 'ZZZZ Files Removed from MM' folder

Now that you are in the main Clients folder, scroll to the bottom of the of the list and open the folder ‘ZZZZ Files Removed From MM’

4. Open ‘DocRegFileDeletions’

Open the Folder ‘DocRegFileDeletions’.

Here you will find your file.

How do a Recover the document back into my Matter?

1. Move the File back

1.1. Cut the File from its current location

Right-click on the file and Cut.

Navigate back to your main Clients folder, then select the Matter ID followed by the sub-folder you wish to place the document in.

1.3. Paste

Right-click and Paste.

The Document has now been returned to the Matter’s folder.

2. Reconcile the Documents tab in MM

2.1. Run the Reconcile

Back in Migration Manager, go to the Documents tab of the Matter and click the Reconcile button.

2.2. Run the Clean Up

The Reconcile process will find the newly added Document and suggest it be added to the Document Registry. Click Clean Up.

Your Deleted Document has now been recovered.