Sending Template Feedback

If you have purchased the MM Template Package, you have access to hundreds of Templates for many of the Department’s Application Subclasses.

If you have an enquiry or feedback regarding these Templates, you can submit your enquiry or feedback directly to the Template Team.

If your enquiry is technical in nature (e.g.  You are getting an error message when trying to Merge a letter), then contact Migration Manager Support directly via Help => Log a Support Call Online

1. Open any Matter File.

2. Click the Letters button on the Main Toolbar

3. When the Letter Merge window appears, click the MM Template Feedback button

4. In the MM Template Feedback window, complete the fields with as much detail as possible, then click Submit

One of the Template Team will respond as soon as possible.

Examples of queries to submit to the Template Team:

  • When there is a new Subclass released by Immi and you wish to know when/if a Template Package will be written for it.
  • You find a spelling mistake.
  • You have a suggestion regarding one of the Templates.


Examples of queries that should be submitted directly to Migration Manager Support (Help => Log a Support Call Online):

  • When you try to Merge a Letter, you get an error.
  • You are paying for the Template Package, but no Templates appear.
  • Your Query is regarding an Accounts Templates (Invoices, Deposit Requests etc).
  • You would like to know how to Edit Templates.