How to set up a Letterhead

When you merge a document or letter in Migration Manager, you can choose to have your letterhead applied to the letter at the time of the merge. To do this, you first need to set up your letterhead template in Migration Manager. This letterhead can then be used across all of the template documents that you use.

An extra benefit of this system is that if you ever need to update your letterhead (such as when you move address), you only need to edit the letterhead template instead of all of your documents.

1. Accessing Letters Preferences

In order to access the letterhead template, you must first open the letter merge settings which are located in the System Preferences.

From the Main Menu, select Tools, then Administrative, then Preferences.

If you don’t have access to this feature, you may need to log into Migration Manager as user Administrator.

In Preferences, select the Letters tab.

2. Download Letterhead

If you have not already downloaded a Migration Manager Letterhead template, click the Download Letterhead button to download the default letterhead template. You will edit this document to create your letterhead.

Click Yes to confirm the download.

3. Edit the Letterhead template

To customise the letterhead to what you require, click the Edit button.

4. Edit the Word Document

The letterhead will now open as a word document. You will now need to edit the Header and Footer with the images and text that you require.

Using the menu options in Word, open up the Header or Footer.

Using Word, you can now edit the Header and Footer to show the content you want to have in your letterhead.

Tip: The easiest way to do this is to copy and paste the Header or Footer from an existing letterhead you might have in to the Header / Footer of the Migration Manager letterhead template.

5. Save the Word Document

Once you have finished editing the Word document, you must click Save in Word. You can now close the Word document.

6. Save the Merge Settings in Migration Manager

You can now click Save & Exit which will close the Letter settings window.

7. Merge a Letter

You can now merge a letter using your new letterhead. For instructions on how to merge a letter / document from a template, see: How to merge a Template Letter