How to edit an existing Template

The document merge system in Migration Manager provides users with a powerful tool to create template letters that can be used to merge letters, emails and documents for a matter. This article covers how to edit a template.

1. Open a Matter

To access the template system, you first need to open a matter by clicking the Open button in the main toolbar and then selecting a matter

Note: The templates for Migrants and Sponsors are stored and accessed separately. To create templates that can used when you are in a Business Sponsor matter you will need to access the template system via a Sponsor matter.

2. Click on the Letters button

Next, click on the Letters button in the main toolbar.

3. Select the appropriate folder

When the Word Template Merge window appears, you need to select the folder that contains the template that you wish to edit.

4. Right Click the Template that you want to edit

Right click the template that you want to edit, and then from the menu that appears, click Edit Template

Warning:  If you edit an Existing Template from the ‘MM Templates’ Package, your changes may get overwritten when new versions of those Templates are released.  Because of this, if you are wanting to edit a Template from the ‘MM Templates’ Package, we recommend you first Copy the Template to a Custom Folder, then Edit the Copied Template.

Copying a Template

4.1. Create a Custom Folder to place your Templates.

4.1.1. Right-click on the Folder 'StandardNewLetters', then select Create Folder.
Document1 - Word
4.1.2. Enter the name for your new Folder and click OK.
Document1 - Word

Your New Custom Folder has been created.

Document1 - Word

4.2. Copy the Template

4.2.1. Find the Template you would like to copy
Document1 - Word
4.2.2. Right-click on the Template and 'Duplicate Template'.
Document1 - Word
4.2.3. Enter the Filename for this duplicate Template.  Then click 'Create'.

(You can also enter keywords for the Template to make searching easier).

Document1 - Word

4.3. Move the Template

Now that the Template has been copied. It can be moved to your required location.

4.3.1. Right-click on your Copied Template and select 'Move Template'.
Document1 - Word
4.3.2. Select the Folder.

Browse to the folder location.  If the Template is for a Migrant, it will reside within the folder StandardNewLetters.  If the Template is for a Sponsor, it will reside within the folder StandardNewLetters(SPON).

Select the Folder, then click OK.

Document1 - Word

The newly copied Template is now is now in your Custom Folder.

Document1 - Word

5. A Word Document will now open

A Word document should appear (being the template) along with Word Template Merge Editor window. Note that if you do not see the Word document it may be minimised.

6. Add Content and Merge Fields

The templates are just Word documents with merge fields added to those parts of the text that are meant to change depending on the information contained within a matter. To add a merge fiele to the  document:

  1. first click where you want the merge field to appear;
  2. find the required merge field from the Merge Fields window; then
  3. click the Add Field button.

7. Continue adding content

Continue adding the required content to your letter along with any required merge fields.

Tip: If you already have existing documentation, you can just copy and paste the content of those documents into a template letter and then add merge fields as required.

8. Click Save & Close Letter

When you have finished editing the document, click Save & Close Letter.

9. Updated Template available

The update template is now available for all users to now merge. To merge the template and save it to the current matter, select the template and then click Merge.