Viewing Portal Activity / History

Once the Portal is activated, you may want to view the activity of the Portal to see what has been read, downloaded and uploaded.  This is useful to ensure the client has been keeping up to date with their responsibilities.

Viewing the Portal History

This guide is on the assumption that you have already Activated the Portal for the client and sent document requests, messages etc.

1. Viewing Portal History from the Matter

1.1. Open the Matter

Click the Open button from the Main Toolbar.

1.2. Go to the Portal window

Go to the Progress Tab, then click the Portal button.

1.3. Go into History

In the Secure Client Portal window, click the History button.

1.4. The Portal History Screen will appear

2. Viewing Portal History from Reports

2.1. Go to Reports

Click the Reports button from the Main Toolbar.

2.2. Go to System Reports

Select the System Reports tab.

2.3. Run the Portal – History Report

  1. Choose Portal - History.
  2. Select the required Date Range and the Matter to search on.
  3. You can also Filter by the Date Uploaded or Date Downloaded.


2.4. Build the Report

Click Build Report.

2.5. The Portal History will display

3. Understanding Portal History - the Portal Descriptions

Notifications - From Agent To Portal records

  1. Documents Requests or Activities added to the Portal by the agent.  These will show the Migration Manager User Name and the Machine ID (computer Name) where the request was made from.
  2. When a Web Questionnaire is sent from the Agent, 2 records will display.  The Notification that the message was sent (containing the Questionnaire) and that the Web Questionnaire itself has been uploaded.
  3. When a Secure Portal Message has been sent.
  4. When a Document is uploaded by the Agent to the Portal, 2 records will display. The Notification that the message was sent (containing the Document) and that the Document itself has been uploaded.

Notifications  - From Portal To Agent

  1. Notification that the client has read a message on the Portal.
  2. Notification when a Questionnaire has been opened by the client.
  3. Notification that the client has Uploaded a document (for the Agent) onto the Portal.
  4. Notification that the Document (point 3 above) has now been Downloaded (transferred) to the Matter within Migration Manager.
  5. Notification that the client has downloaded a document from the Portal.

1. The User Name and Machine and Windows Login Name will only appear on items where the activity has come in or out of Migration Manager.  Activity from the customer (within the Portal) will show these fields as blank.

2. Downloaded item (such as completed Forms downloaded or the Web Questionnaire) from the Portal to Migration Manager) will show a User Name and Machine and Windows Login Name.  This is not necessarily the RMA or person responsible for this Matter. Migration Manager downloads documents at timed intervals meaning the first machine to start Migration Manager for the day will most likely be the machine that downloads the document.  The physical machine for these records is recorded simply so the agent or Support can help troubleshoot where a document might be if an Agent is having technical syncing issues within their network.

4. Checking the Progress of a Web Questionnaire

As well as the above Portal History, when using Web Questionnaires the Agent can now view the progression of a Web Questionnaire in progress.

Note:  You can only view/check the progress of a partially completed questionnaire.  You can not import it yet as the client has not finalised the Questionnaire.

4.1. Open the Matter

Click the Open button from the Main Toolbar.

4.2. Find the Web Questionnaire Message

  1. Go to the Documents tab.
  2. Select the Outbound Web Questionnaire message and double click to open it.

4.3. Select 'Show All Details'

If your preview opens in 'Document Only' view, click the 'Show All Details' button to view additional options.

4.4. Check the Progress

Click the More dropdown and select Check Progress.

4.5. View details

When the Preview appears, you will be able to select the various tabs on the left  to view what information the client has completed and saved so far.

4.6. Close

When you have finished, click Close.