Changing a customer’s email address for Portal

When you activate the Portal for a Matter, the customer’s email address used at time of activation is stored against the Portal.  This address is then used when Portal needs to send the client an email (for example, if a deadline is approaching for them to supply you a document or if they need to reset their Portal Password).

You may however need to change this email address after the Portal has been activated for the Matter.  If so, follow the below procedure.

1. Open the Matter

From the main toolbar, click the Open button and select the Matter.

2. Go to the Portal Window for the Matter

First go to the Progress Tab, then click the Portal button.

3. Select ‘Change Email Address’

From the Portal Window, click the Account Details drop-down and select Change Email Address.

4. Complete the new address

Populate the new email address to appear in Portal, then click OK.

The email address has now been updated in Portal.