How to use Messaging Quickparts

Version Released: Migration Manager Version 8.5.3

The Portal Messaging Quickparts tool lets you create templates that can be added to a message. These Quickparts can be added either individually or in multiples.

Note: For instructions on how to create a Quickpart Template, see: How to Create or Edit a Message Template - Messaging Quickparts

1. Create a new Message

To create a Portal Message, first open the relevant Matter. Once the matter has opened, click the @ Portal Message button on the top right of the Client Detail window.

2. Add a Subject

Before you can send a message, you must first add a subject line. When the Message window opens insert the subject.

3. Click the Quickparts button

The Quickparts function is used to add template text to the body of the message. To add a Quickpart, click on the Q button in the messaging toolbar.

The Quickparts selection window will now appear.

4. Select Quickpart(s) to use

Tick the Quickpart(s) that you want to use in your message, then click the Select button

Tip: You can select multiple Quickparts and insert them all at the same time - Note that they will be inserted in the order that they appear in the selection window. If you want to use multiple Quickparts but use a different order you will need to add the Quickparts individually and re-open the Quickpart tool to select additional items.

The Quickpart template text will now be inserted in to the body of the message.

5. Complete message

You can now type any additional text or add additional Quickparts. When complete click Send Message.