Disconnect a Client from Portal

The Administrator has the option to disconnect a Client from the Secure Client Portal at any time. Please note that when you disconnect a Client from the Portal they will no longer be able to logon to the Portal and view any information or documents previously added to the Portal. If you do decide to turn the Portal back on for the Matter, their Portal will be empty and you will need to re-add all Documents, Tasks etc.

1. Log on as Administrator

Only the Administrator has the power to disconnect someone from the Portal

2. Open the relevant Matter

3. Open the Portal Form

Once the matter opens, click on the Progress tab and click the Portal button.

Open the Portal Form

4. Open Account Details

Once the Portal window opens in Migration Manager, click on the Account Details dropdown.

Select the Documents you want from your Client

5. Select 'Turn Portal Off..'

From the menu dropdown, select Turn Portal Off.

6. Confirm disconnect

You will now need to confirm that you wish to turn Portal off for this client. Click 'Yes' to confirm.

7. Client Disconnected

The Client will now be disconnected from the Secure Client Portal.