Resetting MFA/2FA

To boost the security of an account in the Client Portal, it is strongly recommended that 2 Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) is utilised by the end user.  If the end user has enabled MFA/2FA and they lose the device which has their Authenticator App, you will need to reset their MFA/2FA so it can be setup again by the end user.

1. Open the Matter

Select the Open icon from the main toolbar, then select your Matter.

2. Open the Portal window

Select the Progress Tab, then click the Portal button.

3. Open the MFA Requirement window

Click the Accounts Details drop-down, then select MFA Requirement.

4. Reset MFA

Select the option to Reset MFA.

5. Confirm

Click Yes to Confirm.

The end user's MFA/2FA has now been reset.

The end user will now be required to setup their MFA/2FA again the next time they log on.

If the user no longer wants to use MFA/2FA

Because the end user has previously activated MFA/2FA, once you reset their MFA/2FA, the end user will still need to re-activate MFA/2FA again before they can select the option to turn off MFA/2FA for their account.