Add the Secure Client Portal to your Webpage

Adding the Portal to your website is simple. You or your webpage administrator just needs to add the Portal URL as a menu link. This article shows you how to add the Portal to a website created in Wordpress (the most common type of website creator). The same concepts apply to nearly all type of website creators.

Important: Please note that the Migration Manager support team is not able to assist you with the creation or editing of a website. Please contact a professional website designer for assistance with the building and maintaining of a website. The instructions contained in this article are designed to assist you to add the Portal to an existing website.

1. Access your website administration page

First you will need to login to your website administrate page. Once you have logged in to your administration page, go to Appearance > Menus

Now select the Custom Links option.

3. Copy link details from Migration Manager

Open the Portal preferences in Migration Manager by first going in the top menu to Tools > Administrative > Preferences

Next go to the Portal preferences tab

Now copy the Portal URL that you want to add to your website by clicking the copy button.

4. Add details to the Custom Link in your website

Now paste the selected information in to the Custom Link menu creator in your website and give the link a title. When you have finished click Save Menu.

5. Website Updated

Your website should now have the Client Portal page appearing as a menu option on your website.