Turning off MFA/2FA

To boost the security of an account in the Client Portal, it is strongly recommended that 2 Factor Authentication (MFA/2FA) is utilised by the end user.  If however, you have previously activated MFA/2FA and now wish to turn off MFA/2FA, follow the below process.

If your Migration Agent/Legal Practitioner has enforced MFA/2FA for all users, then you will not be able to turn off the requirement for MFA/2FA.

1. Log into your Portal Account

Using the login credentials, log into your Portal Account.

If you have lost the device that contains your Authenticator app and you are unable to log on, you will need to contact your Migration Agent/Legal Practitioner so they can reset your MFA/2FA.

2. Select the Menu icon

Select the Menu icon in the top-right corner.

3. Select 'Remove 2FA'

Select the option Remove 2FA.

4. Enter the 6 digit code provided by your authenticator app

Enter the 6 digit code provided by the authenticator app, then select Continue.

Your Two-Factor Authentication has now been turned off.